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Welcome to the Staunton Makerspace!

We are a non-profit community made up of artists, craftsman, and entrepreneurs located in Staunton, Virginia. Our goal is to empower individuals in their efforts to build, create, and invent by providing tools, training, and an open accessible workspace.

A Makerspace is neither a space, nor a collection of tools. It is a movement, and it is made of the most extraordinary of makers.

Here are few things you might want to know:

  • You can check out or Blog for new updates and information. Things are always changing here.
  • We are running an exceedingly brief survey to learn more about the tools and skills people in our community want out of their local makerspace.

So What's Happening Now?

Upcoming Events

We are in the midst of transitioning to a new building and a new structure as we convert to a non-profit organization. New events, classes, workshops, and oppertunities to lend a hand will be coming soon.

RC6: Design, Build & Fly a Remote Controlled Airplane


Another “Make It & Take It” course, students receive direct instruction during this 8-10 week workshop series to design, build, and fly a remote controlled airplane. Course costs include access to tools, training, simulator use, controller, flight coaching, all materials, and RC6 Club membership. All ages welcome, contact Nelson at for current class day and time. Click on picture to register for more info.

$175 for members, $250 for nonmembers


We have a lot of tools. Here is a brief list of the some of them:
  • A full wood working shop (chop saws, sanders, lathes, table saw, router table, jig saws, band saws, etc … etc…)
  • Three 3D printers: the Jelly Box by iMade3d, an Ultimaker 2+, and a Prusa i3.
  • The Lasersaur Laser Cutter: a 100 watt 2’ x 4’ righteous beam of light with attitude and bite.
  • Electronics workbench with copious spare parts.
  • An X-Carve CNC wood carving machine with a 2’ x 2’ bed (perfect for making that electric guitar you always dreamed of building)
  • Multiple computers, from windows, to mac to linux with commercial and open source software.

Want more information on our tools? A nearly complete list of our tools is outlined on our wiki.


Our Mission is to support and promote individual creativity through the power of community connections, workshops, equipment, and a comfortable working environment.

To meet this mission we offer:

  • Shared tools in the areas of woodworking, 3d printing, precision machining, laser cutting, fiber arts, and more.
  • Publicly available classes, workshops, and labs that introduce people to new forms of creative and inventive methods.
  • Affordable monthly memberships that allow users to gain new skills on complex equipment that they might not otherwise be able to access.
  • Space and rentals to monthly members so they can store their tools, projects and materials.
  • The promotion and hosting of events related to our mission.
We are a 100% volunteer run organization with no paid staff.

  • Makerspaces

    A Makerspace is a community run space where people can gather to create, collaborate and learn. The Staunton Makerspace has grown to support collaboration across boundaires of science and art, technlogy and craft, to invent novel objects and works of art.

  • Hours / Location

    We are now located at 20 South Jefferson Street in Staunton, Virginia.

    If you would like a guided tour of our current facility, please contact us at

    If you would like to meet some of our members, and check out our new space, we meet at 7pm every Tuesday night at 20 S. Jefferson Street, our new headquarters and future Makerspace.

  • Prices

    You can become a member for as little as $50 per month, with no long term obligation. We have a variety of levels of membership to meet a variety of needs and interests. Please check out our Membership Levels / Price List for more information.

  • Be Part
    Of Our

Join Us

Our members have access to an ever growing collection of equipment, and more importantly, to an ever growing community of makers and doers willing to share their knowledge and enthusiasm about what they love.

Membership grants users 24/7 access to our makerspace.

How to Join:
  1. Contact to schedule a tour.
  2. Review our Membership Agreement, and our Policies and Procedures.
  3. Get tested on the tools you want to use. All members must be certified on the tools they wish to use independently.
  4. Set up payments using the form below.

Monthy Membership
Yearly Membership (10% Discount)

Makerspace Membership Levels

Level Description Price per Month
Member 24/7 Access. $50
Family 24/7 Access. Couples must train together. $65


There are many struggling entrepreneurs and artists that would like to be members of the makerspace, and would use it to start new businesses and create novel works of art. Supporting memberships are used to allow these folks to join the Makerspace. If you would like to learn more about how your money could help fund these members please get in contact with us, and sign up as a Sponsor!

In addition to giving people a means to shape their world, you would also join our members only mailing list. Sponsors also receive invitations to events. You can set up a subscription as a supporter for as little as $25 a month. Supporters are always welcome to drop by and learn more about current projects and crazy ideas.

Co-Working Membership Levels

We no longer manage the co-working space, but membership is still available through Vohtr. Please contact them directly for assistence.

Personal Space

Some members may require additional storage space for ongoing project materials and personal equipement. Space is very limited, so please get in contact with a council member or guild rep prior to signing up for space. Once you are clear to claim an area for personal use, you can set up payments for that space below.

Floor Space

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Thank you for your interest in donating to the Staunton Makerspace. We are honored and humbled. You can use the form below to make a direct donation to the Staunton Makerspace. If you want to make a larger tax-deductible donation, we can now accept those through the Community Foundation of the Blue Ridge. Please contact us at to learn more.




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Contact Us

Please get in contact with us if you would like to join us, or if you just have a question of comment. We'd love to show you the space, talk about our ambitions, learn about you and your intestes and find ways to help each other and the community.

Email: Support @ StauntonMakerspace . com

Phone: 540-324-9427

Location: 20 S. Jefferson Street
Staunton Va.