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From the ashes, we take flight

On February 28th, a fire swept through the Staunton Makerspace. It’s the day we thought we lost almost all our equipment, and also the day that we learned our most important lesson.

A Makerspace is neither a space, nor a collection of tools. It is a movement, and it is made of the most extraordinary of makers.

We are watching, with awe, a mass mobilization. Mechanics, musicians, writers, developers, artists, inventors, programmers and more are rebuilding.

As we move forward, we do so with one clear commitment: Our rebuild will be maker-driven and community-inspired. It will move at the speed of volunteers, supporters, and friends. We will remember to enjoy the journey of making our new home, with all of the creativity, play, and ingenuity that entails. We are already being surprised by how much we are saving, accomplishing, and learning. We are building back better, because we are building back together.

All we lost was stuff. Our makers are everything.

If you feel moved to donate funds to our rebuild, we invite you to contribute here.

Upcoming Events

Intro to Wood Working: Build a Folding Bench

Saturday, November 11th, 10:00AM-2:00PM

This skills-focused course is designed to provide an introduction to both hand and power tool techniques for basic woodworking. Attendees will construct a folding bench to take home with them upon completion. Enjoy the making process, be proud of your creation, plus get comfortable on woodworking equipment. This course is designed to be accessible to the novice but also fun for those with moderate woodworking experience. All levels of experience are welcome. Open to ages 8 and up, although children should be accompanied by an adult. Instructor: Kelly McDonald. Kelly is a maker with a variety of interest - including woodworking, electronics projects and programming - sometimes combining all three into one project! Among his favorite woodworking projects that he’s built are a bookcase with hand-cut dovetails patterned after one at Monticello.


Intro to Laser Cutting: Make It & Take It

Thursday, November 16th, 6-8:30PM

This skills-focused Laser Cutting course is designed to take attendees from novice to laser-ready for designing and making laser cut projects. You’ll leave with open source software for designing, editing, and “printing” laser-cut items, along with your own laser-cut sample project to take home. Laser cut designs are limited to a 5 by 5 design in wood or plexiglass (with both etching and cutting capabilities) and are available to pick up after class. We encourage but (don’t require!) you to bring your own laptop. All levels of experience are welcome. Open to ages 7 and up, although children should be accompanied by an adult. Instructor: Andy Wiseman. Andy teaches many “Make It & Take It” makerspace workshops, introducing students to new equipment and helping them begin their own journeys to prototyping, constructing, innovating and more.


RC6: Design, Build & Fly a Remote Controlled Airplane


Another “Make It & Take It” course, students receive direct instruction during this 8-10 week workshop series to design, build, and fly a remote controlled airplane. Course costs include access to tools, training, simulator use, controller, flight coaching, all materials, and RC6 Club membership. All ages welcome, contact Nelson at for current class day and time.

$150 for members, $225 for nonmembers


Please note we are in the process of recovering our equipment from the fire and we are pleasantly surprised to find that more has survived than we initially expected! We will update the Wiki when we have a better understanding of what we have post-fire, but you can read below to get a sense of what we had:

Thanks to the tremendous contribution of time and effort from Rick Hubbard, we now have a fully fleshed woodworking shop including several router tables, and Grizzly bandsaw, a series of sanders, several Compound Miter Saws, Drill presses, tables saw, Circular saws, oscillating sanders, planers, various hand held routers, nail guns, jig saws, flush cut saws, air compressors and a dust collection system to keep it all in check. And thanks to Ashby Wratchford for the video! There is a more complete listing of our equipment available on our Wiki.


Please note we are in the process of recovering our equipment from the fire and we are pleasantly surprised to find that more has survived than we initially expected! We will update the Wiki when we have a better understanding of what we have post-fire, but you can read below to get a sense of what we had:

We have two 3D printers (a Makerbot Replicator 2, and a Ultimaker 2), a desktop CNC router (Shapeoko 2), a well appointed electronics workbench, IRIS quadcopter, several laptops and desktops, a midi music center, and (our current pride and joy) a 100 watt Lasersaur laser cutter that will just blow you away. (Special thanks to Ashby Wratchford for another excellent video). There is a more complete listing of our equipment available on our Wiki.


The Staunton Makerspace is a part of a much larger process that is taking place across the world. Here is an oppertunity to take part in a movement that is as local as it is international. Share your skills, and learn from others, to build a better, more entertaining, more enabled world.

  • Makerspaces

    A Makerspace is a community run space where people can gather to create, collaborate and learn. The Staunton Makerspace has grown to support collaboration across boundaires of science and art, technlogy and craft, to invent novel objects and works of art. Check out our Equipment Wiki for more information about our tools, keeping in mind that we are still in the process of recovering our equipment from our fire. The Makerspace is now located at 17 N. Central Avenue in lovely downtown Staunton, Virginia.

  • Co-Working

    Are you telecommuting to work, or running a small business out of your house? Co-working locations offer a collegiate working environment that provides shared resources (such as high speed internet and an espresso machine) in a clean open space that offers an office like atmosphere that can make your day a little brighter and friendlier. As the Makerspace has grown we've established an agreement with Vohtr (a native Staunton startup) to help seperate the noisy workshop from the quieter desk workers. You can find the co-working space at 101 W. Frederick St. on the third floor.

  • Prices

    You can become a member for as little as $50 per month, with no long term obligation. We have a variety of levels of membership to meet a variety of needs and interests. Please check out our Membership Levels / Price List for more information.

  • Hours / Location

    We look forward to making many things with you at our new home at 17 N Central Avenue in downtown Staunton, Virginia. Our hours are currently sporadic, but we hope that you will stop by to see and join our collective rising. Visitors are welcome by appointment. Please call / text us at 540-324-9427, or email to schedule a time to meet.

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Join Us

Ready to join? Great! Take a look at the Membership Levels / Price List below. You can choose between being a Makerspace member OR a Co-working member. If you want access to both spaces let us know and we can set up a custom membership to suit your needs. Get in contact with us ( / 540-324-9427) so we can give you a tour and a quick introduction to the space. When you are ready, you can easily setup payments right here. Your membership helps expand our community of makers and doers. This is a good thing. Join us. Make something beautiful.

Monthly Membership
Yearly Membership (10% Discount)

Makerspace Membership Levels

Access to the Staunton Makerspace only at 17 N Central Avenue, with Wood working shop, 3D printers, Laser Cutters, Electronics workbench, etc...

Level Description Price per Month
Member 24/7 Access. $50
Family 24/7 Access. Couples must train together. $65
Dweller 24/7 Access. 4’x4’ storage area. $100
Artist in Residence 24/7 Access. 4’x8’ Workshop $150

Co-Working Membership Levels

Access to office space at the Vohtr Offices only at 101 West Frederick St. Clean, collegiate co-working area with desks, chairs, standing desks, couches, quiet rooms and a little coffee.

Level Description Price / Month
Member 8am-5pm M-F access, Shared workspaces $50
Dweller 24/7 access Shared workspaces Dedicated desk. $100
Private Office 24/7 access Shared workspaces Private Office $200

Dual Citizenship / Unique Requests

If you want membership at both the Makerspace and the Co-Working space, just sign up as a “Dweller” and let us know. We can accommodate other combinations as well.


There are many struggling entrepreneurs and artists that would like to be members of the makerspace, and would use it to start new businesses and create novel works of art. Supporting memberships are used to allow these folks to join the Makerspace. If you would like to learn more about how your money could help fund these members please get in contact with us, and sign up as a Sponsor! In addition to giving people a means to shape their world, you would also join our members only mailing list, and receive invitations to events, you can set up a subscription as a supporter for as little as $25 a month. Supporters are always welcome to drop by and learn more about current projects and crazy ideas.

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Thank you for your interest in donating to the rebuilding of the Staunton Makerspace. We are honored and humbled. At this time, we cannot provide tax deductions for your contributions, but we can provide our thanks and our sincere hope that you will join us not only as a donor but also as a friend and community member.




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Please get in contact with us if you would like to join us, or if you just have a question of comment. We'd love to show you the space, talk about our ambitions, learn about you and your intestes and find ways to help each other and the community.

Email: Support @ StauntonMakerspace . com

Phone: 540-324-9427

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